Miscellaneous FAQs

  • Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry
  • Appointment Time vs. Queue Number
  • Certificate of Common-Law Marriage
  • Customs
  • Driver’s License Renewal
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Fingerprinting & FBI Background Checks
  • Locating a Missing Relative
  • Medical Professionals in Singapore
  • Minor Traveling with One Parent or Someone Who is Not a Parent
  • Name Change
  • National Service in Singapore
  • Payment for ACS Services
  • Renunciation Appointment
  • White House Tours

Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry

The Embassy does not provide an affidavit of eligibility/freedom to marry.  We do not know if you are, in fact, eligible to marry.  However, we can acknowledge your signature on a sworn affidavit in which you state who you are and affirm that you are free to marry.   Please refer to the information posted on our website at Notarial Services.

Appointment Time vs. Queue Number

Every person entering American Citizen Services should take a queue number before they enter the waiting room.  The Q machine is located right outside the waiting room entrance.

The only exception is if you are coming to pick up your passport at the cashier window.

Each appointment time has multiple slots so more than one person could have the same appointment time.  We use the Q system to ensure that we are seeing applicants with the same appointment time in the order that they arrive at the Embassy.

Please come to the Embassy at least 15 minutes ahead of your appointment time.  You will need to go through security before being allowed to proceed to the ACS waiting room.

Certificate of Common-Law Marriage

We do not issue certificates of common-law marriage as we do not know if you are in a recognized common-law marriage. The requirements for a common-law marriage to be validly contracted vary from state to state. We can acknowledge your signature on a sworn affidavit in which you state who you are and that you are engaged in a common-law marriage. Please refer to the information posted on our website at Notarial Services.


For information about Singapore regulations regarding what may be brought in, please visit the Singapore Customs website.

For information on the current regulatory requirements for medicines brought into Singapore for personal use, please visit the Singapore Health Sciences Authority Health Products Regulation webpage.

For information on what you can and cannot bring into the United States, including food and medications, please visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP Info Center.

Driver’s License Renewal

States vary in requirements for driver license renewal.  We suggest you search on line for the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state to determine whether you can renew your license while abroad.  Some states permit this.  Also, some states require that a form be notarized.  This is something we can assist you with.  Please refer to the information on our Notary Services.

Emergency Financial Assistance

The US Embassy can assist U.S. citizens who are temporarily destitute in Singapore due to robbery or other unforeseen circumstances. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a number of alternatives available.

  • Contacting Home: We can assist you in contacting family & friends the U.S. for financial help.
  • Wiring Money Directly: You or your family or friends may be able to contact Western Union or a similar commercial service that has offices in Singapore to wire money directly to you. It will be necessary for the person receiving the money to present proof of identity such as a passport.
  • Credit Card Company: Another alternative is to contact your credit card company, which may be able to advance you funds temporarily. They may also be able to verify your credit card directly to your hotel or airline to enable you to checkout of your hotel, obtain replacement airline tickets, or other emergency services.
  • Send Money Through the Department of State: If the other options shown are not suitable, family or friends may send funds through the U.S. embassy or consulate using the Department of State Overseas Citizens Services.

Fingerprinting & FBI Background Checks

The U.S. Embassy does not provide background checks for the U.S. or fingerprinting services except for U.S. adoption cases.  Information on how to obtain a background check from the U.S. can be found at https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis. The Singapore Police Force provides fingerprinting services at a charge. Please contact them at http://www.spf.gov.sg/  for further details and information.

Locating a Missing Relative

We are not able to assist you in locating a missing relative in the United States. You may want to search online for private resources that can assist you in locating an individual.

We are very limited in being able to assist you in searching for a relative in Singapore. If you provide us with the following details about your family member we will attempt to contact him/her:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Passport Number
Travel Itinerary
Date entered Singapore
Destination address/hotel
Names of traveling companions, if any

Please be advised that in accordance with the Privacy Act (PL-579), the American Embassy cannot release any information regarding a US citizen to anyone without their written consent, usually granted in the form of a signed Privacy Act Waiver.  Without this waiver, even if we are able to establish contact your relative, we will be extremely limited in our ability to share details with you.

Medical Professionals in Singapore

We are not authorized to recommend specific doctors or medical facilities.  The healthcare services in Singapore are first world. Most doctors in Singapore speak fluent English as well as do hospitals staff.  Most hospitals have medical centers with doctors practicing a wide variety of specialties. If you require medical assistance you can find a list of medical establishments, laboratories, and professionals in Singapore at Medical Directory.  It is typically very quick to get an appointment.

Minor Traveling with One Parent or Someone Who is Not a Parent

Many countries and/or airlines require children traveling unaccompanied by their parents to have a parental consent letter. Neither United States nor Singapore currently requires one; however, it is strongly recommended to have one unless the child is traveling with both parents.

The consent letter should include the child’s full name, date of birth & passport number; the name of the person s/he is traveling with, their relationship to the child and their passport number; the child’s itinerary; and, contact information for the non-accompanying parent(s). If only one parent has legal claims to the child, any relevant documents (birth certificate, court order, death certificate) should be attached to the consent letter. Information on getting the consent letter notarized can be found on our Notarial Services webpage.

In addition, you may wish to give the adult your child is traveling with a Power of Attorney for use in case of a medical emergency.

Information on specific country entry/exit requirements can be found on the Department of State’s webpage Learn About Your Destination. Please note that most countries require passports to have at least 6 months validity and sufficient visa pages to enter.

Name Change

We do not process name changes at the Embassy; this is usually done through the court system where you reside.  In Singapore, name changes are commonly done through a local notary or lawyer by executing a deed poll.

If you legally change your name, you need to apply for a new passport. You will need to apply in person and submit proof of your legal name change (original document and one photocopy). Please refer to the information on our Passports webpage.

National Service in Singapore

When an individual serves in another country’s mandatory national service, it does not mean that he has automatically lost his U.S. citizenship.  Pertaining to Singapore’s NS, in general, an individual would not relinquish citizenship just by performing NS, unless he has the intent to do so.  For further information please visit the Department of State webpage on Legal Considerations.

Payment for ACS Services

The Cashier is located at the window in front of the seats in the ACS waiting room. You must pay the Cashier before leaving the Embassy.  People who leave the Embassy without making payment with the cashier will not have their application and/or service processed.

U.S. currency is not accepted by the Cashier.  You may pay in Singaporean Dollars or with your credit card.  If you pay with a credit card, the amount will be charged in U.S. dollars and you may be charged a foreign transaction fee by your credit card company.

Renunciation Appointment

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to renounce your U.S.  citizenship, email SingaporeACS@state.gov to schedule an appointment. Please provide the following information:

Your full name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
U.S. passport number
Resident status in Singapore

In addition, please review the information on renunciation posted on our website at Renouncing U.S. Citizenship.

White House Tours

Public tours of the White House are available. Tours cannot be arranged through the U.S. Embassy Singapore. Requests must be submitted through one’s Member of Congress.  Complete Information on tours of the White House can be found at Tours and Events.