Powering through California Raisins with Master Baker Dr. Klaus Tenbergen, Singapore, May 16, 2017

A California Raisins Baking Seminar – “The Nutritional Power House” was held on May 16, 2017 at the InterContinental Hotel Singapore.  conducted by guest baker Dr. Klaus Tenbergen, a certified Master Baker and Executive Pastry Chief, assisted by Dr. Priscilla Santiago, a Food Engineer.  It was attended by owners/bakers of Singapore bakeries, prominent bakery players from the bakery industry and major raisin importers.

Richard Lieu (left), California Raisins Singapore Rep. and Master Baker Dr. Klaus Tenbergen (right). (Source: FAS Singapore)

Master Baker Dr. Tenbergen whipped up artisanal breads and pastries using California Raisins and demonstrated special baking techniques.  He shared special baking tips such as how to knead and incorporate raisins into the basic dough.  He taught how to formulate recipes and apply correct percentages of ingredients, including California Raisins, to add value.  Detailed information on California Raisins and recipes are available online via www.raisins.org.

California Raisins, basked in the warm, California sunshine, are naturally sweet and ideal for healthy eating.  These all natural, nutritious morsels are fat and cholesterol free and contain potassium and fiber.  They have phytonutrients that suppress growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease.

The United States is Singapore’s largest supplier of raisins valued US$5 million or 76% market share followed by Iran (3.7%) and India (2.6%).   In Singapore,   raisins are mainly eaten as a snack and used in bakeries and in the hotel, restaurant and institutional sector.