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Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG)
April 5, 2021

Contact Information:

Email: Singapore@onrg.navy.mil
Phone: +65 6476-9443

The Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG), as the international presence for the Chief of Naval Research, actively searches the globe for promising, emerging science and technology (S&T) which enables ONR to effectively address current needs of the Naval Fleet and Marine Corps Forces and to investigate and assess revolutionary, high-payoff technologies for future Naval missions and capabilities.  The command seeks opportunities to collaborate on S&T of mutual benefit to the U.S. and foreign researchers.

To accomplish its mission, ONRG leverages the expertise of more than 50 scientists, technologists and engineers based world-wide.  ONRG Associate Directors, located in ONRG’s five regional engagement offices, promote S&T collaboration between ONR and international scientists.  ONRG’s Science Advisors, embedded within Joint, Navy and Marine Corps commands, advise those commanders and their staffs on S&T issues and help implement technology solutions, often via one of ONR’s technology transition programs.

ONRG’s outreach programs facilitate S&T collaboration:

  • Visiting Scientist:  Supports travel opportunities for non-U.S. scientists to the U.S. to socialize new S&T ideas or findings.
  • Collaborative Science Support:  Funds non-U.S. workshops, conferences, and seminars of Naval interest.
  • Naval International Cooperative Opportunities:  Funds research by international scientists to address naval S&T challenges; they often result in the insertion of innovative, international S&T into core ONR programs.
  • Scientists to X:  Supports U.S. scientist visits to operational forces (undersea, at sea, on carriers, in the field, at pier) to promote an ongoing dialogue between the U.S. scientific community and the Navy/Marine Corps team.

ONRG’s Mission

  • Discover the best science
  • Maintain global technology awareness
  • Facilitate science and technology collaborations


  • 23 Associate Directors & 25 Science Advisors
  • S&T engagements with 61 countries during FY 2010
  • Embedded in 25 Joint, Navy and Marine Corps commands
  • Offices:  Arlington, London, Prague, Santiago, Singapore, and Tokyo

Outreach Programs

  • Visiting Scientist
  • Collaborative Science Support
  • Naval International Cooperative Opportunities
  • Scientists to X