Jazz Appreciation Month, April 16, 2017

In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, the U.S. Embassy sponsored the April 16th graduation performance of Jazz @ the Red Dot, a week long workshop for local jazz enthusiasts of all levels, conducted by professional New York-based jazz musicians.  The entire concert, held at the Singapore Botanic Gardens was broadcast on Facebook Live.  The jazz musicians shared how much they valued the opportunity to engage with Singapore students during a radio interview on Radio Symphony, a local classical music program.

A jazz appreciation workshop taught by the American jazz musicians was also organized at a secondary school for academically struggling students.  The musicians began the workshop by performing a mini-concert.  To demonstrate how jazz is unique, the musicians played a traditional rendition of a popular Malay folk song, following it up with a jazzed-up version.  The kids sang along, excited to make a connection between jazz and a song they knew by heart.  Next, the students broke up into smaller groups to try out different instruments while the musicians shared stories about how music inspired their lives.  Many students had never played an instrument or heard jazz before the workshop.  A video features the workshop and students speaking about their newfound love of jazz.