“In Good Taste” food diplomacy video series demonstrates the cultural roots of American food

“In Good Taste” is U.S. Embassy Singapore’s food diplomacy video series demonstrating the cultural roots of various American dishes. American cuisine has been influenced by a wide variety of indigenous and immigrant cultures, resulting in a fusion of tastes.

In this video series, American diplomats Rachael Chen, Carey Fagan, Kerry Driver, Michelle and Geno Villanueva, and Managing Director of The Culinary Institute of America Eve Felder talk about the history of their favorite dishes and share recipes for Korean bo ssam (pork shoulder) and kimchi tacos, shrimp and grits, funnel cakes, carne asada fries, and hoppin’ John respectively. These iconic dishes are famous in their cities or states, and are not easily found anywhere else in the world.

The Deputy Chief of Mission’s Residence Chef Kiran Charles and Singaporean food blogger Maureen Ow a.k.a. “Miss Tam Chiak” sample the dishes and give a Singaporean perspective on how they bear similarities to Singaporean cuisine.

Check out these five mouth-watering dishes in our “In Good Taste” food diplomacy video series. Full recipes are in the video description: