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Humans of the Embassy
Humans of the Embassy: Vaishnavi Deverajan, Intern
May 16, 2023

Meet Vaishnavi, the lady behind the dancing Eagle costume and a Singaporean international relations student at Singapore Institute of Management-University of London who recently completed an internship with us at Embassy Singapore.

Vaish’s time at the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy was terrific. She had the opportunity to do many cool things, including touring U.S. Navy ships and learning about their operations.

Her experience at the Embassy has been incredibly fulfilling, and she has developed a passion for international affairs. Working alongside experienced diplomats, she gained invaluable insight into diplomacy and international relations.

As a graduating student, Vaish’s internship provided her with practical skills and knowledge to serve her well in her future career. She’s grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such an important cause, and is excited to continue learning and growing in the field of international relations.

Congratulations, V, on a successful internship! Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and we wish you all the best as you embark on your career in international affairs.