Humans of the Embassy: Joaquin John Jones, son of Jacqueline Seng, Public Affairs Section

Hi there! My name is Joaquin John Jones and I am three months old. As I’m new here, the world is a pretty amazing place – all these colors and objects, smells and sounds, tastes and textures. I can’t get enough of it all.

I love new experiences – which is pretty much everything these days. I love being outside. Listening to conversations. Meeting my newborn baby friends. Having my diaper changed. Checking out the best nursing rooms around Singapore with Mom – did you know there was a website for that? But my favorite thing in the world? You guessed it – food. Mom and I share some pretty special bonding time when I feed. And I feed a lot, even in the middle of the night. Mom says she’s in charge of input and dad is in charge of output. I think she’s got the better end of that deal, so to speak.

When I first showed up, I think I bummed my mom out a little bit. I would cry and she wouldn’t know why. She thought she wasn’t a good mom and couldn’t take care of me and then she cried too. She’s a pro now. She cracked the code quickly: “Nah” is my tired cry, “neh” is my hungry cry, and “eh” is my gassy cry. Don’t tell her, but pretty soon she’ll have to figure out my “I just want attention” cry and after that, my “how can you say ‘no’ to me” cry.

Mom and I don’t part much these days. The biggest dilemma she has is what to do when I doze off – should she shower, order some food, or take a nap. In case you are wondering, she goes for the food. She’s my mom after all. Sometimes, when Dad’s watching me, she goes to the gym, but then separation anxiety kicks in and she quickly comes back. In a couple of weeks, though, she has to go back to work. Apparently, her colleagues there miss her and need her skills as they prepare for a busy year ahead. Mom is the Media Advisor and has been at the Embassy for more than four years. It is important work, but the most rewarding is her other job: Being my mom.
– Joaquin John Jones, son of Jacqueline Seng, Public Affairs Section