Humans of the Embassy: Finn and Sam, dogs of Christian and Rachel McGlynn, from the General Services Office and Transportation Security Administration

This Year of the Dog, meet two dogs – Finn & Sam – that belong to two Humans of the Embassy, Christian and Rachel McGlynn.


“Woof! Woof!

I am Finn and this is my brother Sam. We are Australian Shepherds – known as smart herding dogs that can get a little destructive when not properly trained. But don’t worry! Our owners – Christian and Rachel – have trained us well. Rachel used to train explosive detection canines and her canine partner was an Australian Shepherd named Pecos. She fell in love with our breed and when Pecos passed away, she and Christian decided to adopt another Aussie Shepherd. I was found on the side of the road in southwestern Virginia after being hit by a car. I was saved by the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH) and they placed me with Christian and Rachel.

I love both of my owners very much but I’m a little closer to Rachel. She gets my sociable nature. Christian thinks I’m needy, just because I like holding paws with humans. Sometimes, I’ll even do my best trick – a double high five. Mom used to call me Skinny Finny, but ever since we moved to Singapore, I’m not so skinny anymore. We used to have a big backyard where I could run around but now we don’t. I like the smaller space though because I can always keep my eye on my owners. And… my toys. You never know when someone willing to play will come by.”


“Woof all!

I am Finn’s brother Sam. I joined the family after my first owners learned they were expecting a sibling for their little boy. I loved to play with my human brother, but sometimes I got a bit too excited.  That’s when I met my new family – Rachel, Christian and Finn. Finn wanted to show me right away that he was the boss. That was fine with me. I just wanted someone to roughhouse with.

There is an unspoken understanding in the family that Finn is Rachel’s dog and that I’m more Christian’s dog, although, to be completely honest, they each serve a purpose.  Christian is the one we go to when we want to play; Rachel when we don’t feel so well. When we’ve done something wrong, well then, we hide from them both.  They each have their quirks too. Rachel thinks we like to dress up and sometimes wraps us in feather boas. Christian thinks he can bribe me with carrots and Asian pears and Brussel sprouts. Well, come to think of it, it’s actually true. I guess everyone who spends time in Singapore becomes a foodie.

Our whole family has enjoyed our time in Singapore, and Finn and I have tried to be good canine ambassadors. We’ve made new friends – both dogs and humans – and have shown our neighbors that dogs are nothing to be afraid of. It’s fun to be in Singapore while dogs are getting all this good Lunar New Year press.

So from our family to yours – May your Year of the Dog be paw-sperous!”

– Finn and Sam, dogs of Christian and Rachel McGlynn, from the General Services Office and Transportation Security Administration respectively