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Federal Aviation Administration
April 5, 2021

FAA-International Area Office
Tel:  (65) 6476 9320
Fax: (65) 6476 9458

FAA – Los Angeles International Field Office
Tel: 310-725-7330
Fax: 310-725-6857
Email: 7-AWP-LAX-IFO@faa.gov

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s major functions include providing a safe and efficient U.S. civil aviation system including: a common system of air navigation and air traffic control for civil and military aviation; an effective national airport system; the certification and oversight of air carriers and manufacturers of aviation products; developing and implementing programs to control aircraft noise and other environmental effects of civil aviation; and regulating U.S. commercial space transportation and encourages the development of new aviation technologies. In addition to its domestic functions, the FAA also promotes aviation safety and encourages civil aviation abroad. Activities include: exchanging aeronautical information with foreign authorities; certifying and overseeing foreign repair stations, airmen, and mechanics; ensuring that U.S. and international safety standards are met by U.S. air carriers and foreign air carriers flying into the U.S; assessing the ability of foreign governments, whose air carriers fly into the U.S., to meet their international treaty obligations; harmonizing standards; providing technical assistance and training; negotiating bilateral aviation safety agreements; and providing technical representation at international conferences. The International Area Office for Asia and Pacific Countries is assigned over 40 nations in which to promote aviation safety standards and air traffic efficiency.