Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC)

The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) functions as the Security Cooperation link between the United States Government and the Governments of Singapore and Brunei.

ODC Mission:  As directed by the Ambassador, Secretary of Defense, and Commander, US Pacific Command, provide security assistance functions supporting United States goals and objectives to the Governments of Singapore and Brunei.

ODC is your point of contact for any Military Training, Foreign Military Sales or Direct Commercial Sales assistance in Singapore or Brunei.

Points of Contact:

Office of Defense Cooperation contact number:  (65) 6476 9100

Alternatively, you can contact the program managers directly:

  • ODC Chief:  (65) 6476 9379
  • Deputy Chief and Army Program Manager:  (65) 6476 9254
  • Navy Program Manager:  (65) 6476 9410
  • Air Force Program Manager:  (65) 6476 9161
  • Training Program Manager:   (65) 6476 9464