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Embassy Speakers Program
April 9, 2021

The Embassy Speakers Program helps connect U.S. Embassy officials with Singaporean audiences in schools, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and groups throughout Singapore. The goal of our program is to broaden the understanding of the United States, as well as to promote dialogue and the sharing of ideas between Singaporeans and Americans.

Embassy speakers are available to speak on a wide variety of topics. Possible discussion topics include: Singapore-U.S. Relations, U.S.-South East Asia Relations, the Role of the U.S. Embassy, Life and Culture in the United States, American Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion, and Studying in the United States, among others.  Other topic suggestions are welcome.  Speakers from the U.S. Embassy will present background information about the desired topic and engage the audience in thoughtful discussions on the issue. They can address any size group – from single classrooms to large organizational gatherings. The Embassy Speakers Program is a free service offered by U.S. Embassy Singapore, but please note that speaker availability is not guaranteed.

If you or your organization is interested in participating in the Embassy Speakers Program, please send a request to Singaporespeakers@state.gov

University Briefings

The U.S. Embassy in Singapore offers briefings for U.S. university groups visiting Singapore. We place a high value on informing the U.S. public about the policies and programs we implement in Singapore. Our briefings typically consist of general information about what the Embassy does, country background, and U.S. foreign policy in Singapore and ASEAN.

Please note that the Embassy is a busy federal workplace, and briefings are subject to staff availability and briefing room space.  Requests should be submitted at least 20 business days before the requested visit date. Once the briefing is scheduled, the group organizer will be required to submit the last name, first name, passport number, and DOB for all group members prior to the briefing. Electronic devices (cell phones, cameras, etc.) are not allowed inside the Embassy and will need to be left with the guard at the Embassy entrance.

To request a briefing with the Embassy, please write to Singaporespeakers@state.gov and include the school name, program of study, number of students/faculty, and requested briefing date.