Embassy Small Grants Program

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Embassy Singapore, Public Affairs Section

U.S. Embassy Singapore Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce a funding opportunity through its Public Diplomacy Grants Program. Each year, PAS awards a limited number of grants to support cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Singapore with the aim of improving mutual respect and understanding. This document outlines our funding priorities, eligibility criteria, and the procedures for submitting requests for funding. Please carefully follow instructions below.

Thematic Priorities

The PAS Grants Program supports grant projects that do one or more of the following:

  • Seek to explain U.S. policies, culture, and values;
  • Support entrepreneurship, innovation, and increased economic opportunities for underserved communities;
  • Highlight cooperation between the United States and Singapore and its importance to the region;
  • Promote open and inclusive societies.

The projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic and professional lectures, seminars and speaker programs;
  • Artistic and cultural workshops, performances and exhibitions;
  • Professional, and academic exchanges and projects;
  • Professional development workshops and training;
  • Youth outreach projects.

Award Amounts

Typically, award amounts vary between US$1000 and US$25,000, but rare exceptions are possible as long as the budget is commensurate with the project goals.


PAS encourages applications from organizations located in Singapore or the United States. The following types of organizations are eligible:

  • Registered public or private nonprofit organizations, such as think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations with programming experience;
  • Cultural institutions;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Governmental institutions.

The following types of organizations and projects are not eligible for funding:

  • Requests by organizations and individuals who are neither Singaporean nor American;
  • Fund-raising campaigns;
  • Commercial projects.

To Apply

PAS Singapore will accept proposals throughout the year and will review them on a rolling bases and pending availability of funds. The proposal should be between 1 and 5 pages long and should outline the following:

  • Introduction to the Organization: a description of past and present operations to include, if applicable, previous projects with the U.S. Embassy;
  • Project Summary, Goals and Objectives: a brief outline of the proposed project to include goals (what the project aims to achieve at its completion) and objectives (measurable interim outcomes);
  • Project Timeline: the proposed timeline for undertaking and completing the specific project activities;
  • Evaluation: how will the project assess whether the project objectives have been met;
  • Proposed Budget
    • A list of all project expenses in U.S. dollars, consistent with the proposal narrative and broken down into following categories:
      • Personnel: wages, salaries, and benefits of temporary or permanent staff who will be working directly for the applicant on the project;
      • Travel: the estimated costs of travel and per diem for this project;
      • Equipment: any tangible, non-expendable property with a useful life beyond the duration of the project and a cost of $5,000 or more per unit;
      • Supplies: any consumable materials;
      • Contractual: goods and services that the applicant intends to acquire through a contract with a vendor;
      • Other Direct Costs: other costs directly associated with the project; all expenses must be itemized and explained.
    • Cost Sharing and Counterpart Contributions should be mentioned in the budget. Cost Sharing refers to monetary or in-kind contributions made by the organization receiving the grant and can include staff time, space, etc. Counterpart contributions refers to monetary or in-kind contributions made by other organizations.

*** Please use/follow this Template. *** (PDF 88KB)

All proposals must be submitted to Singaporeusembassy@state.gov with “PAS Grant Application” and the applicant organization’s name in the subject line.

Review and Selection

Each application submitted under this announcement will be evaluated and rated on the basis of the evaluation criteria outlined below.

  • Organizational capacity: The organization has expertise in its stated field and PAS is confident of its technical capacity to undertake the project;
  • Goals and objectives: Goals and objectives are clearly stated and project approach is likely to provide maximum impact in achieving the proposed results;
  • Embassy priorities: Applicant has clearly described how stated goals are related to and support U.S. Embassy Singapore’s priority areas;
  • Budget: The budget justification is both reasonable and realistic in relation to the proposed activities and anticipated results;
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan: Applicant demonstrates it is able to measure progress toward goals outlined in the proposal.

 Thank you for your interest in PAS Singapore’s Grants Program. We look forward to reviewing your proposal.