Beware of third party ESTA sites

There are a number of third party websites that charge a fee for submitting your Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) application on your behalf. If you have used one of these sites, we strongly suggest you use your application number to confirm with the official U.S. government ESTA website that your ESTA application has been processed. Travelers without a confirmed ESTA approval may be denied boarding of their flight or may be found inadmissible upon arrival in the United States.

For instructions on how to look up your ESTA application status, see the help topic “Checking Your ESTA Status“.

CBP cannot refund fees paid to a third party website. However, if you think you have been victimized, contact your bank, credit/debit card company, or PayPal and request a refund of any amount over the US$14 required by the U.S. government by disputing the charges on your statement.