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American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series showcases U.S. companies that do good in Singapore
American Corporate Excellence
July 16, 2021

The United States is the largest foreign investor in Singapore. U.S. businesses invest in people, communities, the environment, innovative products and services, and shared values such as diversity and inclusion.

That’s why the Embassy has produced the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series – to showcase American companies that have outstanding corporate social responsibility initiatives, high standards for quality, reliability, and partnership, produce innovative products and services, and employ and train exceptional individuals.

U.S. Embassy Singapore is proud to be partnering with the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council to produce the ACE series.

In the first episode of this series, we spotlight one of the longest-running youth social entrepreneurship initiatives in Singapore – “Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes.” The joint effort by Citi and YMCA of Singapore has engaged almost 6,000 young people in causes raising over S$10 million for charity, just one example of the many American companies committed to giving back to the Singaporean communities that they call home.

In our second episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series, we celebrate the contributions of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Many top American companies are doing their part to improve gender balance globally.

Here in Singapore, Dow is actively working to build an inclusive workplace environment for its employees across the Asia Pacific region.

In the third episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series, find out how 3M prevented the equivalent of 17 Olympic-sized pools of pollutants in Singapore through sustainability.

2018 was the Year of Climate Action for Singapore and 3M showed its support by installing one of the largest rooftop solar installations in Singapore at their Tuas plant. In line with their 2025 goals for sustainability, 3M pledged to increase use of renewable energy, reduce manufacturing waste, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Fourth episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series highlights the free training program that Cisco Networking Academy has been providing to educational institutions in Singapore for almost 20 years. This program is part of Cisco’s corporate social responsibility program, and also goes a long way toward ensuring cyber resilience.

Singapore was named the “Smart City of 2018” at the Smart City World Expo Congress last year and continues to push the envelope in urban living innovation together with the U.S. and other partners.

Watch our fifth episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series to see how American engineering company AECOM partners with Singapore to build a sustainable smart nation by integrating tech solutions and city governance.

In the sixth episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series, find out how American technology companies such as Microsoft create products and services that are both accessible and inclusive, empowering everyone to achieve more.

Our seventh episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series focuses on Digital Inclusion For Senior Citizens. See how American company Visa actively engages aging Singaporeans to ensure that everyone can participate in the digital future.

One in seven Singaporeans experience some form of mental health issues in their lifetime. Since work plays such a major role in most of our lives, how can companies help to support employees coping with mental health challenges? Episode 8 of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) series highlights the support American computing technology company Oracle provides.

Procter & Gamble brought its Women Entrepreneurs Development Program to Singapore in 2019. The program gave its first batch of participants real-life working insights and a network of mentors and friends. P&G’s work in fostering women’s economic empowerment earned the company top level recognition from the U.S. Department of State, winning the 2019 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) in the multinational enterprise category. The success of the Women Entrepreneurs Development Program in Singapore has spurred P&G to continue a second installment of the program in 2020. This episode highlights how this American company continues be a force for growth and a force for good in the communities in which it operates.

In our tenth episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series we feature HP Inc, one of the earliest American technology companies to invest in Singapore. Find out how the company’s iconic corporate culture and management style – the “HP Way” – has helped it reinvent its workforce over the past 50 years. The company’s commitment to employees has paid off in the loyalty of its numerous long-time staff here in Singapore.

American companies are doing their part in the global fight against COVID-19. In this special episode of the American Corporate Excellence (ACE) video series, find out what U.S. businesses in Singapore are doing to protect their employees and the community against COVID-19. Together, we will get through this.

On average, less than a third of STEM workers across the world are female*. This gender disparity in STEM fields translates to a loss of talent, alternative perspectives, and innovative ideas. To bridge this workforce gap, U.S. companies like Mastercard strive to develop girls’ interest in STEM early on and build their skills to help build the workforce of the future.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Mastercard had to adapt its existing in-person Girls4Tech program. Find out how Mastercard is bridging the gender divide in STEM with its Girls4Tech Connect virtual program.

Huggies Singapore Diaper Bank was established in 2017 to help families in need of this baby essential. See how Kimberly-Clark works together with local organizations in Singapore towards their goal of “better care for a better world” through this diaper bank initiative

ACE is brought to you by U.S. Embassy Singapore and the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council.