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American actress and artist Lucy Liu launches “Unhomed Belongings” exhibition, encourages SOTA students
January 31, 2019

U.S. Embassy Singapore is proud to support American actress and artist Lucy Liu’s exhibit “Unhomed Belongings” in partnership with Shubigi Rao from Singapore. During her visit to launch the exhibition, Lucy shared some wisdom gained from her personal journey as an artist with School of the Arts Singapore students. “Don’t disappear your flaws,” Lucy stated. “Don’t change who you are … maximize it, and embrace it, and be relatable.” Lucy also told the students, “You can play to win every day, but you won’t win every day and rejection happens every day, but you still have to get up and try again, and again … Mistakes sometimes result in the best outcomes.”


“Unhomed Belongings” is co-presented by the National Museum of Singapore and the Ryan Foundation with the support of U.S. Embassy Singapore. The exhibit runs until February 24 at the Stamford Gallery, National Museum of Singapore, and admission is free to the public.    

Lucy Liu at exhibition SOTA students with Lucy Liu