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3M Singapore Wins 2021 Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence in the Category of Health Security
December 10, 2021

U.S. Embassy Singapore congratulates 3M Singapore, a U.S. company whose innovations and dedication to improving lives have been making a difference in the United States, Singapore, and around the world for more than a century.In 2020, 3M Singapore found itself at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia and astutely predicted the challenges the virus would present. In early January 2020, 3M Singapore began ramping up production of N-95 respirators and other products critical for health care workers. Throughout the pandemic, 3M has worked closely with U.S. Embassy Singapore, the Singaporean Government, and other Southeast Asian governments to assist first responders with training and professional support.  3M also worked extensively with logistics companies and governments to ensure supply chain resiliency for its many key products, ultimately saving countless lives.Since it was founded in 1999, the Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) has been given to U.S. companies that best represent American values and international best practices in their operations overseas. This year, the ACE focuses on three categories that align with Biden-Harris Administration priorities: climate innovation, health security, and economic inclusion. In contrast to previous years, the ACE awards will now recognize two winners in each of the categories, one small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) and one larger company, underscoring the Administration’s Foreign Policy for the Middle Class goal to support SMEs.Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose Fernandez, and Bureau of Economic Affairs Senior Bureau Official Matt Murray, along with Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassy Singapore Rafik Mansour and Vice President and Managing Director, Southeast Asia and country leader of 3M Singapore, Kevin McGuigan, participated in the ceremony.